Jan Ploch
Büro für Grafikdesign

Heinrichstraße 29
22769 Hamburg

+49 152 5870 4586

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Jan Ploch is a forward-thinking graphic designer and web developer. Founded in 2015, his studio works across digital and analog media, creating brand identities, websites, books, typefaces and illustrations for a varied client base.





Brand Design, Web Design, Web Development, Coding, Animation, Print Design



TONALISTEN is a non-profit agency for artistic and social concert projects. I developed a visual identity system that reacts to the sound. The logo uses a variable font that can change its shape depending on the volume and frequency of the music. For the website, I developed a sound visual that responds to a randomly selected sound file from one of the artists. The dynamic design system was used on the web, social media, live performances and in print.