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22769 Hamburg

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Jan Ploch is a forward-thinking graphic designer and web developer. Founded in 2015, his studio works across digital and analog media, creating brand identities, websites, books, typefaces and illustrations for a varied client base.



KNM Berlin




Concept, Print Design

Working with international musicians and composers, Ensemble KNM Berlin performed a series of four concerts that sought to see our world through Tiepolo’s and Dufourt’s eyes. In four movements (America, Europe, Asia, and Africa), Hugues Dufourt’s composition reinterprets Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s renowned ceiling fresco – not only as a masterpiece of light and color, but also as a critical response to early globalization and the European “project” of world domination. I created posters and flyers to promote the concert series, taking the fresco itself as the basis for the design and retaining the arrangement of the continents within the fresco, which presents them as parts of a larger whole.